user manual

How to use?

Connection to the city power supply:

After getting assured of using the city power, plug the autoclave into the power outlet. Your autoclave needs 220 V and 50 Hz to operate. Any fluctuation between 180 V and 220 V causes no problem for the operation of your autoclave. However, in case of any fluctuation in excess of the said range, you are required to use an appropriate transformer. Also note that a power cord of 2 mm in diameter needs to be used for autoclave wiring.

How to open and close autoclave door?

1. To open the autoclave door, you should open 3 moving valves in case of 10-liter autoclave, 5 moving valves in case of 25-liter autoclave, and 7 moving valves in case of 50- and 75-liter autoclaves. After opening the foregoing number of moving valves, you should open the fixed valve with red tape to the extent that the autoclave door lifts and gets a distance of 1.5 to 2 cm from the autoclave opening.
2. To close the autoclave door, first close the fixed valve of red tape to the extent it sits properly onto the autoclave opening, then put other valves back to their right places and close them.

How to feed water to autoclave?

Open the autoclave door and take the tray out. Put water into the tray up to the ‘MAX’ sign and take the tray back to the autoclave. Then, put your items into the autoclave and close its door. If the autoclave does not have enough water, the ‘Error 1’ sign appears on the display and water LED turns off. In case of enough water, the water LED would be on.

How to operate?

After feeding enough water to the autoclave, you can set the sterilization time following the directions hereunder. (However, it should be noted that the autoclave’s default programs may satisfy your needs.) First, turn on the autoclave flipping the On/Off switch. Since the autoclave is well water-fed, the water LED turns on and the display shows the temperature inside the autoclave. Here, the programs set on the electrical panel of the autoclave make it automatically perform the stages. You only need to press the ‘Start’ key to put the autoclave into the operating mode. If the sterilization time needs to be changed, act as the following: First, flip the ‘Power’ switch on and then press the ‘Set’ switch so that 00:15 appears on the display. Once more press the ‘Set’ switch and then adjust the sterilization time by means of ‘Up/Down’ keys. When you are finished with setting the sterilization time, press the ‘Set’ key three times so that the temperature mode appears on the display again and the autoclave gets ready for operation and the sterilization time is saved to the memory of the device. After you set the programs as you need, press the ‘Start’ key. The display shows --------- first and then the element of the autoclave starts working. When the autoclave is on, the ‘Heater’ LED and ‘Water’ LED are on. When the autoclave temperature reaches 121.5 degrees centigrade, the ‘Heater’ LED turns off and the ‘STERILL ST’ LED turns off and the sterilization time starts to count backwards. If you want to see the sterilization time, press the ‘Time/Door’ key. This way, the remainder of the sterilization time is displayed and after 15 seconds, the display turns back to its initial mode, showing the autoclave temperature. When the sterilization time ends, the ‘Heater’ LED turns off, and simultaneous with a beep sound, the ‘End of Sterile’ appears on the display and the ‘Sterile End’ LED turns on. At this time, you should flip the ‘Power’ switch off and then open the exhaust valve so that the steam is completely removed and the pressure gauge of the autoclave shows zero. Now it is time to open the autoclave door.